A Look at Shrove Tuesday

Elizabeth Cleland's 'Common Pancakes'

A Look at Shrove Tuesday with a Very Old and Decadent Pancake Recipe Where does the tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday come from? And for how long has this been going on? The popular theory goes that in the past people would make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday as a good way to use up all the remaining eggs,…

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CREAMED at Lovecrumbs

It is my absolute pleasure to announce the beginning of a little venture called CREAMED. Myself and Hannah Graves are going to be supplying some of the cakes for Lovecrumbs (of Edinburgh) for the month of August, when Edinburgh explodes into life with all the wonderful festivals going on. If you want to be nosy you can find us on…

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Whisky Bitters, an excellent tonic

Whisky Bitters

Whisky Bitters I recently came across a formula for a variety of bitters made with whisky, in Isobel Johnstone’s The Cook and Housewife’s Manual, an old Scottish recipe book first published in 1826. When we think of bitters, it is Angostura that usually first comes to mind. Either that, you might think of all the glamorous amari that come from…

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Homemade Hot Sauce

Homemade Hot sauce

Homemade Hot Sauce Here is an excellent recipe for a homemade hot sauce. This one is made with dried red chillies, sugar, salt, garlic and lime juice, and nothing else besides water. There you have a blood red, spicy homemade hot sauce that tastes so good it will ruin your palate for everything else. There are so many hot sauces…

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Mrs Watson’s Brown Sugar Pie

Mrs Watson's Brown Sugar Pie

Mrs Watson’s Brown Sugar Pie Here is a recipe for brown sugar pie, another gem from Mrs Watson’s recipe collection. There are many pie recipes in the book I want to try, such as the southern classic chess pie, and the wonderfully named Lulu’s Ky Pie. I love the idea of using brown sugar as a main ingredient and key…

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