Old Recipes, Bizarre Concoctions

Old Recipes - Good Cooking by Jean Balfour

Some Old Recipes and Bizarre Concoctions from Jean Balfour’s Good Cooking

Here are some old recipes from a classic book first published in 1958 under the title Handy Cookery. Needless to say this book is an invaluable record of social history in post-war Britain. It is fascinating to see what food people thought was fashionable and sophisticated – for that, its comedy value is priceless. This was written at a time when the only thing to do with a vegetable was to boil it, however, the things you can do with a banana are endless. I suppose the return of this exotic fruit after war rationing must have been a cause of great excitement.

Old Recipes - Banana and Cabbage Salad. The combination of textures and flavours in this salad is bizarre even just to read.

Here is another dish using bananas. No comment.

Old Recipes - Meatloaf with bananas. The instructions for cooking vegetables are classic too. To cook asparagus simmer for 30 – 45 minutes. If the stalks are very thick cook a little longer.

Aubergines must be peeled and cut into thick slices, then boiled for 15 – 20 minutes. Drain and serve with a white sauce. This food must literally have been grey.

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