Mrs Watson’s Peach Cobbler

Mrs Watson's Peach Cobbler

Mrs Watson’s Peach Cobbler If you have ever travelled through rural Georgia in summer you will understand why so many people fall in love with this green and fertile landscape. Driving along a highway you will pass the enormous pecan groves and peanut fields; you will see Kudzu everywhere (the invasive plant that smothers entire forests) and Spanish moss which…

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A History of Fried Chicken

Hannah Glasse' 1747 Recipe for Fried Chicken

A History of Fried Chicken Fried chicken is still enjoyed as it always has been in the southern states of America – at its best in Mom and Pop style restaurants, preferably fried in the traditional lodge skillet. But until recently the rest of the world saw fried chicken just as an alternative to McDonalds. In the search for new…

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The Origins of Kedgeree


The Origins of Kedgeree Kedgeree is just one of many wonderful British dishes for which we have to thank India. Without the influence of Indian cookery we wouldn’t have favourites such as chutney, as well as of course, the classic ‘British’ curry chicken tikka masala. India has ultimately transformed British food and now Britons are devoted, as well as totally…

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Nettle Kail (i.e. Nettle Soup

Nettle Kail (i.e. Nettle Soup)

Nettle Kail (i.e. Nettle Soup) Nettles are often thought of as a hippy food, or as a plant to be feared for its sting; however, nettles have been eaten in Scotland for as long as anyone can remember. William Gardiner notes in The Flora of Forfarshire (1848): ‘Plentiful by hedge-sides and in waste places, particularly near the habitations of man….

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Empire Biscuits, A Hateful History

Empire Biscuits

Empire Biscuits, A Hateful History The Empire biscuit, old-fashioned and sickly sweet, must qualify as a children’s treat – two shortbread biscuits glued together with jam, on top a layer of fondant icing, and for decoration a glacé cherry on top, or what is usually preferred – a jelly tot. The air of nostalgia around Empire biscuits, and other fancies…

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