CREAMED at Lovecrumbs

It is my absolute pleasure to announce the beginning of a little venture called CREAMED. Myself and Hannah Graves are going to be supplying some of the cakes for Lovecrumbs (of Edinburgh) for the month of August, when Edinburgh explodes into life with all the wonderful festivals going on. If you want to be nosy you can find us on…

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Empire Biscuits, A Hateful History

Empire Biscuits

Empire Biscuits, A Hateful History The Empire biscuit, old-fashioned and sickly sweet, must qualify as a children’s treat – two shortbread biscuits glued together with jam, on top a layer of fondant icing, and for decoration a glacé cherry on top, or what is usually preferred – a jelly tot. The air of nostalgia around Empire biscuits, and other fancies…

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Drop Scones: Hearth Cakes for Shrove Tuesday

Drop Scones Made on the Hearth Here are two traditional Scottish recipes for pan cakes to be eaten at breakfast, or for a teatime treat. Scotland has a rich tradition of using a griddle for baking, or girdle as it is called in Scotland. The original girdle, of ancient times, was simply a flat stone set in the hearth. It…

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Jane Grigson’s Fruit Tea Loaf

Fruit Tea Loaf

Jane Grigson’s Fruit Tea Loaf The variety of tea cakes and tea breads in Britain is enormous, a testament to their enduring popularity, and to the ritual of taking tea itself. However, traditional fruit cakes are quite unfashionable right now. They are often seen as something only favoured by ‘old people’. Quite a lot of people won’t even touch a…

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Scones – For a Glaswegian Lady

Scones – For a Glaswegian Lady Billy Connolly used to tell a story about little old Scottish ladies who only came out for one hour of the day, just to have a scone. The ladies wore ‘heather mixture’ tweeds and wee brogue shoes. These scone shoes are passed down from mother to daughter and only worn when going out for…

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The Best Burger in the World

The best burger I have ever eaten was at a restaurant called Island Dairy Freeze, in McLean county western Kentucky. Island is wonderful. It is cheap, never changing and totally unselfconscious. It sells burgers and fries with just the right amount of grease. I am not saying that this is the best burger in the world, because of course, there…

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Moonlite Cornbread

When visiting family in Kentucky, my mother in law would make this soft and buttery cornbread for Thanksgiving. She doesn’t cook them on a skillet to make pan cakes, rather she makes them into corn muffins. Either way the batter makes the best cornbread I have ever tasted. The recipe originally comes from Moonlite, a barbecue restaurant in a town…

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Getting the Right Flour

We make sure to have the right flour for making bread, so why not make sure we have the right flour for making cake? Considering flour is one of the main, and few, ingredients in a cake, it is often overlooked for how important it really is. It was a revelation to me for how much a difference it makes…

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Lavender and Lemon Loaf

This loaf cake is soft and fluffy, and very moist on account of the lemon drizzle, stained a deep pink from the lavender. This recipe has been adapted from the hummingbird bakery cookbook. They have so many wonderful cake recipes but I think this is one of the best. The original is flavoured with just lemon and vanilla, which is…

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Oatmeal Pudding: Old Scottish Recipe

Oatmeal Pudding: A Comforting Traditional Scottish Recipe for Winter Nights Looking for novel ways in which oats have been used in the past, I came across this very old fashioned oatmeal pudding. It is soft and comforting, essentially a custard thickened with a little fine oatmeal and scented with nutmeg. It is then baked where it sets, and forms a caramelised…

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